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School Photography

ECS Photography is now offering school portraits! 

  • Students will be able to show their personality, express excitement and be who they are in an indoor or outdoor candid photo session.

  • Candid sessions can be held using the playground or classroom as the backdrop so that students are captured in their element where they are most comfortable. 

  • Pictures can also be captured on our custom backdrops. (No green screen)

  • Parents will be able to view and order pictures within 48 hours. Pricing options starting at $12.

  • Posters, flyers and order forms will be available to the school to prepare students, staff and parents for Portrait Day.

  • ECS Photography is also giving schools a portion of our proceeds as a fundraising incentive. 


ECS Photography would be honored to become your exclusive photography vendor. We are a SMALL business, with LARGE business quality.


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